Of course, tap on AI to try out virtual hair color

Of course, tap on AI to try out virtual hair color


  • The Aveda hair care brand allows customers to test their hair color before making reservations at the salon. The “Ball Search” section of the site is accessible from both portable and desktop devices and uses technology. PerfectCreality Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the announcement of digital hair dye, actual members  will
  • Try the  Dilution Experience with 64 hair colors, including the latest Vivids strands and 30 color effects. Omega YouCam Perfect technology adapts to your natural hair color and lighting conditions. More specifically virtual colors
  • AR Beauty Experience to Boost Pre-Booking Confidence According to the announcement, Aveda products can be purchased at the Aveda Experience Center and more than 9,000 professional beauty salons, spas and aveda.com worldwide.

you will see:

By testing the AR hair color, Aveda offers its products more efficiently and increases the likelihood that consumers will be pleased to visit a hair salon. The experience is online, so mobile users don’t have to download separate apps like Perfect ‘YouCam Makeup with features like AR to share online and allow people to buy products in even bigger cosmetic brands.

Founded by Estée Lauder in 1997, Aveda is one of the brands that adds more realism to mobile marketing efforts. Aveda aims to promote store visits. But other brands use this technology to place orders directly to consumers (DTCs) or retailers.DTC  brands Madison Reed are  partnering with Perfect Corp on displaying home dye products on their website. At the same time, L’Oreal Color & Co Hair Color  added similar AR technology from Modiface, the perfect competitor, to the website in September.

Tool Acquisition Aveda AR is a sign that the perfect application offers expanded technology application YouCam year ago, in July the company “YouCam for Web” technology introduction  and use of emerging further. A wide range of companies, including SMEs, make it easy to integrate the AR test at the site of their web site , the company said, more than 200 brands are using the technology unit. AR showcase their products in a more subtle way to increase consumer confidence. The Chinese e-commerce group in September combined YouCam technology with  Perfect, with the Tmall and Taobao websites talking globally about this type of mobile technology.

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