The Amazon brand is worth more than a third of a trillion dollars

The Amazon brand is worth more than a third of a trillion dollars

Dive summary:

  • Amazon split more than a third of Apple and Google from $ 1 trillion, up 20% from a year ago, to $ 334.6 billion, the largest brand in US history, Kantar’s “Brand Z” database. The Consulting Group is one of the top 100 in the country. Last year, Amazon ranked third.
  • According to a survey by Kantar and WPP, Apple finished third this year with $ 230.3 billion and Google third with $ 330.3 billion. No other merchant landed in the top ten.
  • Researchers said 100 was $ 3.18 trillion higher than Germany’s GDP, making it the fourth largest economy in the world. According to reports, retailers are the second prominent group behind technology companies with 11 brands, which is $ 15- $ 51.7 billion, or 13.5% overall, Fox.

you will see:

In this report, Amazon is defined as a retailer and Apple is a technology company, but both can be classified as both.

The Z brand researcher emphasizes the role of innovation in driving the brand into the top 100. Red Cundiff, Qatar’s chief executive officer for North America, said: “In 2017, the gap between the fastest growing people widened dramatically this year. As a reminder of the future success of ” declare :” today, they are defined by different goals and brand innovations to meet the needs of the past. People are creating new categories and innovative ways to identify clearly ” relationships with competitors .”

Apple is a company  in the US with stores that serve  about 260 and online store Amazon has even Amazon is on the list by Mark Z as traders. But being able to innovate in the marketplace requires a lot of technology, from cloud services to enterprise. As Netflix and CIA have brought 260 million US dollars for the sale of industrial services to various organizations Full him  last year

Dive’s email spokesman explained that “Amazon is a valuable asset as an incentive for consumers, especially retailers.” “AWS deals with aspects of B2B business that consumers are unfamiliar with. This is a true technology company, but technology is the Basics of providing retail to consumers.”

Ultimately, brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren are reducing wholesale development and direct sales to consumers through their own websites and stores, but Amazon is relying more on third-party marketers to drive retail sales. In the other direction ,

This sale is not a buyer. Last year, for example, in the retail sector, product sales were $ 144.1 billion and service sales. (The Merchant Board sells customers members on important days, such as music streaming, paying $ 91 billion and third-party sellers selling more products on Amazon. When they launched the market in 1999, these merchants account for only 3% of total sales of actual products being sold on Amazon and up to 58% in 2018. CEO Jeff Bezos said Amazon is ready to implicitly evolve into Date, Shareholder Letters , New , New, New, New Mail, New Talent Position or via New Mail, New Mail, New mail, new mail, new mail, new mail.

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