A quarter of consumers are more loyal to the brand than last year

A quarter of consumers are more loyal to the brand than last year

Dive summary:

  •  Marketing Platform E-commerce Yotpo investigations reviewed by , say, 90% of  users have been loyal to the brand in the past, or equivalent to 61% of respondents said they were loyal to brands as much as 5 brand and 26.2. % State that true brands are 6 to 10 people 
  • Products that increase brand loyalty (77.8%) and price (63%). Customer service and brand loyalty programs drive customers back (26.1% and 22.3%, respectively).
  • Take the time to build brand loyalty. 36% said they had to buy 5 or more times in the same company to be fair, and 33% said they had to buy 3 times the same company.

you will see:

According to this research, customers are attached to frequency, with almost 68% of respondents saying “Brand loyalty” is more likely to be purchased from the same brand, with about 40% saying that almost 38% of brand loyalty says loyalty means buying from a brand, even and if the price of a competitor is lower.

But what brings you back? Tomer Tagrin said: “By offering the best products at the right price and providing valuable experience, the brand should be the best in the game,” said Yotpo CEO. “This research shows that it is at this point that the loyalty program must attract attention

The latest loyalty program has caught the attention of retailers during repeated customer visits.  Macy’s Target  and  Nordstrom have  added new options for non-credit card shoppers in stores. In May, H&M  goes through two levels of membership and Collaboration with Drybar chain stores in the United States. Gartner ‘s  initial loyalty program, as announced in 2019, accounts for  78% of the loyalty program that offers experience rewards compared to 61% last year. These rewards include birthday invitations, product access, or Past Sales and Voting activities 

Experience Conversion Rewards  There will sometimes be other presentations in addition to gaining loyalty to marketers, which will indicate a new understanding . Yotpo research reminds us that while prices are set to increase spending and drive brands. Direct to consumers But business changes will not happen again The highest level of brand loyalty is always there. Customer satisfaction with the product will be returned. 

That loyalty means a lot to traders who want to get a lot of points during the holiday seasons. 41% of Yotpo people surveyed say they buy something from the brands they like when they like it. He bought Christmas presents.

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