Researchers said AR is ranked as one of the technologies that helps consumers see brands as innovative

Researchers said AR is ranked as one of the technologies that helps consumers see brands as innovative


  • According to a YouGova survey, Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology most likely to make consumers think of brands as an innovation. Share with mobile sellers. About a quarter (26%) of users say AR thinks its brand is more tech-savvy when it comes to artificial intelligence (19%), face recognition (18%) and chatbots (6) %) and cryptocurrency (4%)
  • Nearly half (44%) of consumers want to enhance their shopping experience, such as AR, which allows them to visualize products in the real world, and one-third (33%) need technology that supports customer service, such as customization. Offer to buy via AI and 30% requires easier transportation, such as drone and nest delivery. Office warehouse
  • Advanced technology increases brand awareness among a small number of consumers. Only 29% of users read articles about innovative brands, and 25% recommend innovative brands to friends or family. The survey also found that 23% were more likely to consider themselves involved with creative brands, and 16% were more likely to spend money on brands they thought were more creative.

you will see:

Advanced technology can help drive brand awareness and drive sales. But by showing Diffusion research on a small group of consumers when it comes to investing in technology worth investing, the brand can see the biggest impact of AR, where digital images overlap with real background. Through a camera or smartphone

AR technology is still in its infancy But it’s backed by tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft who have developed a software development kit (SDK) to help developers. AR Adobe Tools and Unity Authors are one of the software companies that create unwanted AR compilation tools. Encode the knowledge to develop impressive AR experiences, and Snapchat and Facebook have introduced similar software to create AR content in applications.

According to a widespread study, chatbots need to continue to grow to increase consumer awareness of brand innovation. The natural language and AI processing that underlies chatbots are also an important part of R&D. Support platforms with support for voice such as Alexa Amazon, Apple Series, Microsoft Assistants and Microsoft Cortana, and other professional applications such as Eric Banks and Mercedes-Benz MBUX,  service provider relationship management with clients in the company. It can automate many of the features that people expect to grow with chaetbot  to reduce customer service costs

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