Leeback launches luxury bag valuation tools

Leeback launches luxury bag valuation tools

Dive summary:

  • Rebag, a luxury handbag retailer, announced Thursday that it has released a comprehensive resale or Clair ranking index, with its proprietary software determining the value of one of the 50 brands, Rebag explains to Dive Retail via email. 
  • Claire is instantly create value for the user to enter make, model, size, design, color and condition of the handbags, the company says simply. Not only for those interested in selling their bags at Rebago, but also for those who want to know what their products are. “We have created a category that provides a more transparent way for shoppers to shop smarter as more customers value the resale value of extravagant purchases,” said Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebago. In a statement
  • This tool can be accessed from the Rebag website and mobile apps, and according to Rebag Claire, has been developed for over 5 years and uses what they call the Claire Code to standardize many terms in the Luxury Handbag Market

you will see:

Rebag wants to make the luxury industry more transparent with new tools, arguing that reducing the time and privacy of valuation tools will make it easier for bag owners to delay. Implementing alternatives to selling, exchanging or storing luxury goods Older areas will benefit from improving standards for long-term sustainability ThredUp predicts that the market will sell for $ 50 billion by  2023 without focusing on luxury brands.  

However, the process by which the company is purchased has been restored by the internet and the execution of the order depends on human judgment. At best, this human touch will slow the cycle of existence of high quality products. At worst, especially in the luxury market, it can raise doubts about the reliability of the price and the details of the situation.

There are also questions about its accuracy, especially for higher areas. The Alat Rebag helps users know the value of reselling a bag. But it is not confirmed unless the owner decides to sell through the platform

Retailers and technology partners are experimenting with different methods to keep things current. Goodwill  announced in early 2019 that  it would approve items before selling products online via AI-certified, which has 99.1% accuracy online, but Primera Technology and co-LP Kenco produced counterfeit cards.  June  Inventory monitoring and receipt  confirmation

Partnering with luxury brands can reduce the real burden as technology evolves, solutions, Burberry and is having  the  promotion of the fashion circle economy earlier this month. Announcement of Collaboration But the intrinsic value of the stock will be in the Burberry store staff and support the design of the RealReal certification process, which was the  handcuffs Mandatory certification of the Brand, including Chanel  

Ribaek  ,  after sponsoring Ten Seasons C, will be a web app in February and expand the announcement of the buried dog 5-30 . Since then, four more items have been added. 

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