Lululemon invests in Startup Mirror Startup Fitness technology

Lululemon invests in Startup Mirror Startup Fitness technology

Dive summary:

  • Lululemon is now an investor in the original technology mirror, and Mirror, which sells home fitness systems that appear in long mirrors, announced a new $ 34 million fund on Wednesday. 
  • According to a statement to the media which is published in   Runcing Diving, Mirror recently plans to use the funds for expansion into new areas and facilities. Mirror founder and CEO Brynn Putnam said he was excited to be working with Lululemon Putnam. “There is good coordination between the brands and we are delighted to have the opportunity to innovate together.
  • The B-1 Series is run by Point72 Ventures. Other attendees include LionTree LLC, founder of Spark Capital, model Karlie Kloss, and creative artist Kevin Huvane.

you will see:

Lululemon still feels comfortable at the intersection of fitness and lifestyle clothing, and this investment will tell us in the future. Released just last year, Mirror financing from investors reached $ 770 million, and the   product also comes with fashion and beauty items out of place. 

If they start playing with smart glasses, the Lululemon retailer is not the only event this way, H&M reported last year that they are “re- testing the  voice-activated mirrors.  At New York’s Leading Leading Store Allowing users to take pictures and get discounts through QR codes. By focusing on the new Puma   , users can press a button and ask friends to see the color of the screen and stylize the product in the mirror. In fact, Lululemon is testing technology in stores, including digital touch screens. But explore their products But also view future community activities 

Lululemon continues to expand its services beyond the origin of yoga apparel, and the company recently released personal care products  in September after  Expansion plans to identify   shampoo, deodorant and hair May 6 lip balm products. Available at Lululemon stores and online, and the site Sephora year, gym , they said.  The paid membership program is being tested. Go out for free shipping and member-only clothing There are also life-giving features such as exercise classes and access to activities.   

In November, Lululemon will open a second 5th Avenue convenience store that moves to New York and the Mall of America. The first experience of the largest store.  There is a restaurant and a training and meditation space in Chicago in  July , and the chain is closing  two men’s stores. This  summer

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