Nike stopped selling on Amazon

Nike stopped selling on Amazon

Dive summary:

  • Retailers continue to use Amazon’s web services for their websites and mobile apps, but Nike says it will stop selling its products on Amazon, with Bloomberg the  first to make the news.
  • “We have decided to prepare a current pilot with Amazon, one of Nike’s focuses on improving customer experience through direct and direct contact with retailers,” a Nike spokesman told sellers. Dive in by email
  • Final decision  Two-year pilot with Amazon They began to prevent the sale of fake Nike products 

you will see:

Will Selling Amazon’s Controversial Brand At the top of the brand is the question of brand integrity and lack of market  control  has been struggling with imitation for many years and only in October of this superior clothing and footwear association of America. It is a known market ” and is expected by Dai Dai, a US trade representative.

Wells Fargo analysts wrote in an email that NKE was more interested in brand performance than reaching distribution customers . ” 

AMZN is an online platform where the complaint does not meet distribution needs based on NKE NKE’s strategic digital efforts , they write.

In fact, the sports brand has over time focused on Nike Direct strategies to deliver incredible results to regular customers in digital performance and power. Digital has grown 42% in the last quarter of the brand  , and the  app will grow more than 50% in digital Nike Direct Digital Management at the end of last year   as “a big part of our business”, as you might say.

Nike announces a farewell to Amazon, saying it will continue “We will continue to invest in strong partnerships with Nike and other partners with retailers and other platforms to continue serving our customers worldwide,” said Nike’s employees , including close collaboration. Coordinated with Dick sports goods and foot lockers which have since been Updated to incorporate  general concepts of commerce  and integration with Nike using mobile phones.

In addition to targeting distribution partners, Nike trades , sells its investment products  in the fall, leading to an  attack on micro-live users in October to focus on core business activities through Helium Surfing

Analysts agree that the main reason for the confusion is that the Nike brand was not sent to Amazon trying elsewhere. But there are messages from the Telsey Nike Advisory Group : There aren’t many products on Amazon yet.

“In particular, only 21% of Nike products are available on Amazon of 80 by brand, with 65% on Adidas and 64% on Under Armor. In addition, Adida and Under Armor have stores on Amazon, but Nike has”

Additionally, although Nike  In partnership with Walmart , it turns out Those operating in the small premium market will follow the Nike brand

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