Ralph Lauren launches Digital ID for product certification

Ralph Lauren launches Digital ID for product certification

Dive summary:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren introduces a unique digital products for the company’s products to confirm the authenticity of the product moves through the supply chain, and the company  has issued a statement via  e-mail at dive retailers , brands such. Digital transformation in collaboration with online software company EVRYTHNG and Avery Dennison, a manufacturing and technology company.
  • According to the announcement, the introduction of a digital product allows users to scan a QR code on a product label with a smartphone to view the product, view product information, and ask for style suggestions. Mark of ribs
  • The technology applies to all Polo Ralph Lauren products and can be used for specific products across many international web and retail brands.

you will see:

Imitations  hurt the merchants. In the resale market, both Amazon  and online markets  such as resale platforms such  as RealReal, which is fighting counterfeiting, are growing. Last year, the channel reportedly RealReal was selling a fake wallet , and the  platform through the company declined and said it would “Be behind the truth to continue to provide a safe and reliable platform. Consumers must sell luxury goods ” 

Old brands and retailers are trying to emulate them with the help of  Ebay LVMH  and  goodwill.  Use stickers, blocks, artificial intelligence, and other anti-fraud technologies. According to a press release, technology companies allow consumers to review their products when counterfeit products are brought to market.

David Lauren said, “The launch of a digital product code demonstrates how to continually use technology to reach more consumers and ensure product integrity over the life cycle. Creative Director Ralph Lauren said: “Using this technology means ‘What represents new developments in information innovation in our field?’

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