Saphor, Sephora is testing Google local ads to drive in-store traffic

Saphor, Sephora is testing Google local ads to drive in-store traffic


  • According to a Google blog, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora are one of the retailers that have tried Google Shopping and local campaigns this year  , regional campaigns are designed to increase traffic to the mobile neighborhood. And the Shopping campaign has grown into an online purchase with a possible direct in-store (BOPIS) option.
  • This year, Saks expanded its regional campaign to promote more storage among holiday shoppers. Last year, luxury retailers tested local campaigns during the holidays and found that store sales, along with offline sales, had increased dramatically. ROAS) rose 7.7 times and Sephora beauty retailers saw sales. More sales generate a positive return on investment in geo-targeting tests
  • Google Local Ads has integrated with Google Maps, a large search engine that provides detailed instructions for drivers and pedestrians. In the coming weeks, Google Maps will help travelers The market can highlight its position with sponsored needles, along with suggested routes for mobile users.

you will see:

In addition to year-end promotions, we offer Google features for local campaigns and shopping, until retail starts this year. Saks and Sephora are testing new location-based tools and sellers can reach customers. Hold and increase traffic when closing their locations Physically located and can find promotions in the store.

It integrates with other Google applications, especially the popular map tool, so merchants can reach mobile network users whose ads are displayed below the exact location in a blog post, and refer Google to the fast food chain. Dunkin is an example of how this feature can reach customers. Once the app shows driving directions, a pin will be displayed along the route, showing locations near Dunking, and a list of sponsors will be displayed below the map. Restaurant Sign $ 2 Latte Vacation Offer

Testing Google extensions for Shopping campaigns targeting 45% of the world’s customers using BOPIS, the company says. Finding great businesses adds features. “Choose Later” For Out Of Stock Products But These Can Be Shipped Within Days Sellers can contact our sales team to show interest in beta testing.

The development of a local campaign to increase the latest sign that Google is entering the market to create advertising channels, new relationships with sales partners and compete better with Amazon in October Google  services, such as tracking the cost of introduction into. Redesigned for Google Shopping. Powered by the model platform for  electronic commerce .

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