TikTok is testing inexpensive video links to open the door to social commerce

TikTok is testing inexpensive video links to open the door to social commerce


  • TikTok is currently in beta testing that The impact of social shops may contain links to reports Adweek them in video applications , they feature was first announced by engineers TikTok forum Chinese. Later, Fabian Byrne, founder of the Chinese influential institution Uplab, wrote a detailed video about how the process works. 
  • Twitter video footage  Show dog wearing a panda named Huxley panda puppy account posted by clicking the link in the post, users can go to Amazon Huxley panda puppy to buy the clothes shown in the video. Or browse other clothing created by the author
  • TikTok, through a spokesman, confirmed to Adweek that it is testing social trading qualifications. But it does not comment further on whether this feature will be available to users in the United States. TikTok allows  brands to display commercially available ads on the  platform, but will allow the apps launched by ByteDance to enter the Social Store where users are first products are produced directly by influential people

you will see:

It is unclear whether TikTok will expand its ability to trade new social media to users in the United States. But some influential users will be able to purchase content easier than exhibitions brooms. Like Instagram Commerce, there is more competition in these apps to generate more revenue from traditional advertising and make consumers avoid competitive services.

Instagram a year  earlier branded app Billing for launch proving that mobile commerce has created a program at the highest level  is that since then, a photo-sharing application. Keep up the features that make shopping easier on the ecosystem including the @shop accounts offered  by  merchants the best of current fashion, beauty, etc.

TikTok has moved to the same region, growing from the growing popularity of young consumers looking to advertise more and more. According to Reuters, the application has 26.6 million users per month in the United States, of which approximately 60% of the age between 16 and 24  year

There is also the advantage of TikTok being the latest version. But it’s not full of sponsored posts yet, and Instagram users got fed up with InfluencerDB analysis companies in July and found it.  influence Highest level of involvement on Instagram to reach the temperature  due to shooting too high

Brand campaign has grown in TikTok the years, this   company has launched this application to external partners. Earlier this month, ticktock  was a  program for third-party developers. The first software tool he recommended is to integrate the “export ticktock” application.

TikTok has created a toolkit to view short and heavy video meme content such as hashtag challenges. Impacts on social commerce.

The latest movement highlights TikTik’s efforts to raise its popularity as a brand-related influence center. In August, the company  partnered with WeQ Influencer to  provide brand and brand advertising services to content producers on the platform.

Interestingly, Bern’s video shows that TikTok’s social commerce links can direct users to sites like Amazon to buy products. Amazon has shown interest in moving to social commerce areas.

In September, the E-commerce conglomerate  will  provide a URL that leads to selected shopping sites to track their impact. Online Store Trial This feature is available for accounts using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that have reached Amazon’s criteria regarding audience size, relevance, and frequency of posts.

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